Platylobium is a landscape design consultancy servicing Melbourne and Victoria. Our design philosophy centres on creating functional landscapes that integrate design elements with the existing natural environment, with our changing climate in mind.

We’d love to chat with you about our flexible landscape design process. You’re invited to join us on each step of the journey, from the first spark of design inspiration to final implementation. It’s the way we work, with collaboration at the heart of each project.

‘Anything that connects you to land even in small ways’ is an ‘important step towards stewardship.’

Thomas Woltz, landscape architect

Our Landscape Design Services

Our extensive experience and background is in native and indigenous plant design, that works with the land not against it.

We create sustainable designs that connect back to the natural landscape, incorporating indigenous plants and threatened species to suit your unique soil types, water and other design requirements. While our focus is native gardens, we love to be inspired by the plants on your wish list. The spaces we create, in turn, connect you, your family and friends with the landscape and the joy nature brings.

From small and large residential projects, to commercial, council, industrial and environmental design and property management, plus garden design for bushfire resilience, we can run your unique project from beginning to completion.

It’s time to connect back with the natural environment and create a space you love.

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What’s in a name? Why Platylobium?

The Platylobium is native to southeast Melbourne and our favourite indigenous plant. With its interesting leaf shape, we love including the Platylobium in our plantings.

‘ Nadia and Marcus at Platylobium were an absolute godsend. We needed to provide a concept landscape plan for our planning application for a new build. It was tricky and required lots of detail as we have bush fire, flood and environmental significance, and design and development overlays on the block. Nadia was so friendly, reassuring and demonstrated such knowledge and competence…she understood our brief from the outset, liaised with our architect and town planner, and came up with a gorgeous landscape plan we’re thrilled about…Nadia and Marcus were professional, efficient, excellent to work with, and lovely people to have on our team.’

Trent & Linda

nadia and marcus platylobium

‘ We hired Platylobium to design our backyard…and we could not be happier with the outcome. It is a fun, family-friendly garden, a real treasure and loved by all, young and old… This was a very positive experience and we highly recommend Platylobium to anyone wishing to turn their garden into a native treasure.’


Work with us

About Nadia Wharton and Marcus Cole

We’re sister and brother Nadia and Marcus, committed to leading you through each step of the landscape design process. We want you to feel part of our team. We’ll spend time getting to know you, your exact requirements and work together to create an outdoor space both you – and the environment – will love.

You’ll find Nadia, Platylobium founder, with a coffee in hand and her head in a book of indigenous plants. Nadia’s love of landscape design and the environment fl ourished while studying Horticulture at the University of Melbourne (Burnley). From here, she immersed herself in Conservation Ecology at Deakin University. After many years of successful collaborations and honing her skills in design, garden maintenance and bushland management, Nadia planted the Platylobium seed in 2016.

Our Five Key Areas

1 – Consultation

Bouncing ideas around with a landscape designer to develop a plan is the best way to achieve your garden goals. During your one hour consultation, you’ll get advice, ideas and inspiration to help you choose plants and place them to create a space you’ll love. If you decide to engage us for a full landscape design service, we’ll subtract your consultation fee from your fee proposal.

2- Design

We offer a wide range of design services to help bring your dream landscape to life, from a one hour consultation to a planting plan or full-scale detailed landscape.

3 – Planning

Let us help you with a landscape plan to satisfy the requirements of a planning permit submission for your new development or extension.

4 – Plant Layouts

More of a hands-on service, plant layouts put our design for your space on the ground. We’ll order your plants and place them or even put them in the ground for you.

5 – Project Planning

You can relax knowing we’ll take care of everything from the design process through to implementation, plant layout and maintenance organisation. We work collaboratively with all our landscapers, checking in as each project evolves and progresses.

Design Stages – Our Unique Design Process

While we have a series of typical steps in our design process, each project has unique characteristics. We’ll always work collaboratively with you to tailor an approach that suits your ideas, requirements and budget.

Your preliminary consultation is a great way for us to get to know each other. We’ll chat about the specifics of your space, your ideas, the features you want to include in the landscape and any planning restrictions. From here a fee proposal including time frames will be prepared.

Once you’ve approved the fee proposal, we’ll prepare the base plan and book a time for a detailed site assessment. This is an opportunity to continue the conversation, gather further information and discuss your evolving ideas.

After the site assessment, we’ll begin concept development by first exploring vision board inspiration, then developing a two-scale plan and base plan. From there, we’ll start fleshing out the hard landscape details and ideas for suggested plant species.

Once the concept plan is finalised, we’ll start to add plant detail. This might include a full planting plan or landscape zones with a plant schedule and feature tree placement. While planting plans are sometimes necessary for permits, landscape zones bring an element of freedom and fluidity to projects. This way of working gives our landscapers the creative licence to bring our concept plans to life.

At this time, you’ll receive your detailed landscape plan in an A1 colour plan for approval, along with a cost estimate of working with landscapers (if requested).

This is where the magic happens. Your thoughtfully designed landscape takes shape, ready for you, your friends and family to enjoy. We’ll share our tips on how to maintain your new space and take care of all your indigenous and native plants well into the future.

Full Range of Services

At Platylobium, we offer landscape design from a basic concept plan to a full, detailed landscape design or master plan for small or large properties. We can help –

Ask us anything during your customised one hour consultation. This service is perfect if you need some advice about choosing plants or where to put them or you’d love to bounce ideas around with a landscape designer. At the end of your consultation, you’ll have the advice, plan and confidence to get started. If you choose to engage us for a full landscape design service, we’ll simply subtract the cost of this consultation from your fee proposal.

Concept plans can provide you with guidance for implementing your landscape ideas. These plans give an overall perspective of the landscaping design, including hard landscaping components and a recommended planting schedule. You’ll get a sense of major layout ideas as well as plant type suggestions.

We create small and large-scale landscape master plans, from residential through to those for industrial estates and property management planning. A master landscape plan takes a holistic approach to your outdoor space for future planning, including seasonal changes. The master plan defines a long-term vision for the landscape, determines a budget and communicates the design phases that will bring it to life.

Does your landscaping need to comply with certain bushfire regulations? We design landscapes specifically for bushfire resilience and can help you develop your bushfire management plan. Our experience working with rural and bushland properties and in fire-prone areas means we can deliver you thoughtfully designed, regulation-friendly landscaping solutions.

Do you need to submit a landscape plan for your new house, extension, development, unit complex or subdivision? We offer help with planning permits, applications and submissions. We’ll prepare the planning application for your landscape works, including vegetation removal, as well as the landscape plan that supports it. We have a thorough understanding of the planning process, with extensive experience in preparing successful planning applications for properties throughout Melbourne and greater Victoria.

Planting plans are often necessary for planning permits. We also do plant layouts on the ground. A planting plan will map out what plants go where, to create a landscape that optimises your space. This plan will consider aspect, soil conditions and goals for your landscape. It will show the location, sizes and species of all new and existing plants, along with a plant schedule for your easy reference.

Do you need help identifying the key maintenance requirements in your new or established garden? Landscape maintenance plans help communicate the design intent of the project and provide guidance for ongoing maintenance for a flourishing landscape.

If you’re preparing for a VCAT appearance, we can help. Perhaps your project has received objections or a Council refusal. We’ll organise any documentation you need, such as landscape plans or landscape expert evidence statements. We can also appear as an expert witness for VCAT hearings to help you work towards achieving your ideal outcome.

Let us take care of the project management for you. We’ll seamlessly run your project from inception to completion. Many years of experience managing large-scale projects, such as mine rehabilitation, development approvals, environmental assessments and developments means we have our processes down pat. We can also help with small and large residential, commercial, council, industrial and environmental property management.